Poco F1 with additional exchange discount upto ₹3000 with Mi exchange

14-Jun-19 04 PM Deal Offered By:

Discounted Price 17,999
Price after Exchange 14,999
Jio double data offer<h2 id=“jio-pocof1-offer-instant-cashback-double-data” style=“margin:0px; font-weight:400; padding-bottom:0.5rem; font-size:0.8125rem; color:rgb(34,34,34); font-family:Lato-Regular,”HelveticaNeue,Helvetica,STHeitiSC-Light,“HiraginoSansGB”,arial,sans-serif; font-style:normal; font-variant-ligatures:normal; font-variant-caps:normal; letter-spacing:normal; orphans:2text-indent:0px; text-transform:none; white-space:normal; widows:2; word-spacing:0px; -webkit-text-stroke-width:0px; text-decoration-style:initial; text-decoration-color:initial; text-align:left;>Additional Jio #PocoF1 Offer – Instant Cashback of 2400rs, Double Data

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